What Causes Air Pollution and How to Reduce It

what causes air pollution

What causes air pollution is a question that scientists have sought to answer for years. In fact, it is one of the most burning questions of our time. The pollutants that we are exposed to every day are harming us and the environment. Air pollution is a mixture of liquid and solid particles and chemicals which can reach extremely harmful levels both inside and outdoors. These particles and chemicals are extremely dangerous for both health and for the environment, so keeping track of these pollutants is incredibly important.

The Acid Rain

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One of the most significant contributors to air pollution around the world is acid rain. This is where we have pollutants such as carbon dioxide in the atmosphere mixed with water vapor. Because of this, there is more oxidation of both liquid and solid particles in the atmosphere. This produces a chemical reaction in the atmosphere known as acid rain.

Another major contributor to air pollution is the release of ozone by the sun. This happens when the UV rays from the sun interact with pollutants in the atmosphere, which then become oxidized. Ozone is considered to be an indoor pollutant because it is released during the wintertime as the sun heats up the surrounding air. It is responsible for many people’s smog problems as well. Because ozone is made up of three different gases including carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and carbon dioxide, it is also capable of forming clouds.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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The last major contributor to air pollution is greenhouse gas emissions. We release this particular gas into the atmosphere in the same manner as we emit other gasses into it. While it is believed that most of this gas is caused by the actions of humans, it cannot be helped in some cases. The average temperature on the earth’s surface is recorded at about 16 degrees Celsius, which makes it hot enough to produce ozone layer depletion. Although there have been attempts to create greener technology, no technology has yet been developed which can completely eliminate the amounts of greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere.

Number Of Theories About What Causes Air Pollution

There are a number of theories about what causes air pollution, and the answer largely depends on where in the world you are located. In large cities, the main contributors to smog are vehicle exhausts and the burning of fossil fuels like oil and gas. Smog is also believed to be caused by factories releasing strong fumes into the atmosphere, but this is not proven. A very high level of ozone is sometimes seen in large cities, especially in the spring when the weather is very warm. Ozone layer depletion may also be caused by the increasing use of power sources that are considered “dirty” by most residents.


The best solution for reducing air pollution is to purchase an air purifier for your home. Air purifiers are able to remove at least ninety five percent of the pollutants that are currently present in the atmosphere. The filters inside of the machine are made from a material that will prevent these particles from entering the air that you breathe. A highly effective filtration system will be able to eliminate up to ninety five percent of all pollutants that are present. Using a purifier will not only help to improve your health by decreasing the amount of air pollutants that you breathe every day, but it will also reduce the number of health risks you face as a result.

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