Trends in Environmental Pollution Examples and Issues

environmental pollution examples

Natural resources are the life and source of all human civilizations, and in most countries, these natural resources are being depleted at an alarming rate. For example, in Africa, natural resources such as water, sand, and vegetation are being destroyed at an alarming rate. In this day and age, many of these natural resources are considered to be commodities in the marketplace. As a result of depletion, there will be political turmoil, social instability, and more economic and social turbulence. Political leaders are looking for effective environmental pollution examples and strategies to combat this deteriorating environmental condition.

Environmental Pollution Examples

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The first of the natural environmental pollution examples that can be associated with Africa is the Nigeria oil spill which took place in the early nineteen hundreds. The Nigeria government tried to deal with the problem by carrying out natural disasters and creating green laws in the country. However, this did not solve the problem, and the Nigerian people still face poverty because of the spill. This is one of the worst environmental pollution examples in Africa, although it is only recently that there has been any publicity concerning this oil spill.

Another example is the Republic of South Africa. This country was hit by the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and as a result, the number of AIDS cases increased exponentially. In response to this, President Mandela launched a worldwide campaign and began the construction of the Green Policy, which is still being implemented today.

An example of this type of global pollution in Africa is stasis, which is caused by unclean and improperly treated sewage. Basis can spread through water and can also infect the animals in the area. There have been numerous efforts by different African organizations to address this problem but to no avail. Most of the world leaders have shied away from dealing with the issue because of the lack of political will or the complexity of the problem, which is also associated with fighting poverty.

Another Environmental Pollution Examples

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If we look at another example of environmental pollution in Africa, it has to do with the effect that an influx of tin mining has on the environment. Tin mining uses large amounts of water, and this leads to the flooding of rivers. Lake Bonnye is a primary water source for the people of this region, and according to them, it was reserved for the benefit of the people. The negative effects of mining on this natural habitat have been widely publicized.

Another way of looking at these examples is to look at the need for political will in order to bring about change and to implement necessary measures. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Nigeria and the South African regions, where there has been little political will to address environmental pollution and the resulting problems that come with it. This calls for further awareness campaigns as well as for further international assistance. The call for environmental pollution remedies must be supported by all sectors if we are to reverse the degradation of the ecosystem and forest cover.

Environmental pollution in many countries around the world has had little or no global attention. The major cause for this is a lack of political will. There has also been little investment in research and development towards alternative sources of energy and fuel. For instance, the reasons for the Fukushima disaster are still being investigated, but the impact of radiation on humans, especially the thyroid gland, has been established.

Bottom Line

There is the necessity of taking immediate action and setting up monitoring and evaluation systems. It is hoped that in the coming years, we will see more efforts towards clean coal technology and green technologies for the generation that follows after us. We need to be aware that there will be a time when there will be even more major environmental pollution events, including the flaring of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the nuclear accident in Japan. We will then have to cope with the aftermath of these incidents and with the consequences of the aftermath.

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