Tesla Solar Panels – Should You Really Invest In Them

tesla solar panels

If you’re planning to install solar panels at your house, it might be because of Tesla. Tesla is aiming to make every house futuristic in the upcoming years without increasing electricity consumption. 

The Tesla solar panels are amazing in terms of features and pricing, but are they worth it? Many homeowners are confused about whether these advanced solar panels are really beneficial for them or not. 

Well, many people have already invested in the solar panels by Tesla, and they are happy with the results. 

To put more light on Tesla solar panels, we’ll discuss the pricing, features, and other relevant facts of these solar panels

What Is The Overall Cost Of The Tesla Solar Panels?

As per the official statement of Tesla, their solar panels will cost around $2 per watt, which is cheaper than the average solar panel cost. After applying for the solar tax credit, the price per watt is decreased to $1.48. 

Thanks to Tesla, buying solar panels has become easier, like getting new outfits from the stores. Believe it or not, solar panels Tesla comes in different sizes like small, medium, large, and extra-large. 

If you’re interested in purchasing Tesla solar panels, visit the official website, share your requirements, and the company will recommend the best solar system size. If you aren’t comfortable with the recommendation of Tesla, you can also opt for other size options. 

Why The Tesla Solar Panels Affordable?

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The ease of ordering and installing these solar panels make them affordable. Tesla manufactures only four different solar panels sizes, and the ordering process is 100% online. There is no need for physical offices and sales executives. 

As Tesla is a huge brand, they don’t need to invest much in branding and promotions. As Tesla is famous and well-reputed, people will trust this brand. As the ordering process is online, Tesla and homeowners don’t suffer from the overhead costs. 

Above all, Tesla is one of the largest multinational companies; they might undercharge the panels initially for gaining customers’ reputation. 

What Are The Key Features Of Tesla Solar Systems? 

Believe it or not, these solar panels are never manufactured by the Tesla company. Hanwah Q Cells’ Peak Duo Black Solar Panels are used by the Tesla solar installations. Nevertheless, apart from Tesla, other solar panels installers based in the USA also prefer these solar panels. 

Above all, Hanwah manufactures one of the finest solar panels in the world. So, these solar panels is actually a product developed after the collaboration of Tesla and Hanwah. 

The solar panels offered by Tesla comes under the monocrystalline category with a wattage capacity of 340 watts. On the other hand, it comes with ten years of comprehensive warranty and 25 years performance warranty. 

Final Thoughts

Tesla undoubtedly offers one of the most affordable and smartest solar panels, but they aren’t prioritizing long-term relationships. In other words, you can’t expect one-on-one customer support from Tesla for solar panels. In our opinion, if you feel Tesla is providing good customer service in your locality, then only invest in the Tesla solar panels

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