Is Solar Energy Renewable – Yes It is Renewable

what is solar energy

Is solar energy renewable? The phrase describes a resource that can be renewed virtually without any depletion or emission of pollutants. This is mainly used to refer to the solar power industry in particular.

Renewable means that it can be replaced easily. The traditional definition of renewable energy was originally from the standpoint of global warming. Renewable means that it can be produced without depleting or emitting polluting greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. In other words, the phrase “renewable energy” can be used to describe any clean energy source such as geothermal, wind, wave, solar, tidal, and hydroelectric energy.

Easily Produced

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When people talk about “renewable” it means that the energy can be produced easily and repeatedly. These sources of energy are classified as clean energy, because their emissions are not harmful to the atmosphere. For example, the wind energy produces no pollutants. Hydroelectricity can also be generated easily and repeatedly, but does emit harmful pollutants into the atmosphere when it is used for power generation.

Solar energy is the oldest form of energy produced by the sun. It has been known since ancient times and is still being used today. Today there are many places all over the world where sunlight is used to produce electricity. Many solar panels are now being placed on homes, businesses, and other locations to harness this free source of energy. A great deal of electricity is produced by the sun in a given day by solar panels.

Do Not Deplete Over Time

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Unlike fossil fuels, bio-gas, nuclear energy, and coal, renewable sources of energy do not deplete over time. For example, when oil is used up, more oil is needed to be harvested. Once harvested, the amount of oil that can be used is limited. However, with the use of solar panels and wind turbines, even more electricity can be produced over a much longer period of time.

Provide Electricity

Solar energy systems can provide electricity for the entire home during the cold months of the year and can help to keep one’s heating on. Wind turbines can be used at various locations throughout the home or business. They can help to save money on electric bills and can even reduce the carbon footprint of the building. Even though these types of alternative energy systems are not perfect, they will significantly reduce a home or business owner’s electric bills every year.

Last Words

Although it is likely that sun and wind will continue to be a reliable source of energy, it is important to learn how to use them in a cost effective manner. The best way to learn how to use renewable resources is to make sure that an individual or business installs an effective energy management plan. Once installed, an energy management plan can significantly reduce a home or business owner’s electrical bill each month. Although there are several costs associated with installing photovoltaic panels or wind turbines, the amount of money saved on energy bills is certainly worth the initial costs. Once the costs of these two alternative power resources have been paid, the savings from using them in conjunction with solar energy or wind turbines will begin to make a difference.

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