Creating a Green City – Will Solar Energy Play a Vital Role in Creating a Future Sustainable City?

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SolarCity Corporation has been a publicly held company headquartered in Fremont, California which installs and sells solar power generation systems and other related electrical services to commercial, residential, and industrial clients. The Solar City, CA business was founded by founding members Ray Berry and Don Easter. They felt the need for such a company due to their growing concern about the environment and their desire to help make the world a better place for future generations. They felt the need to establish a business to provide an alternative to oil or gas and thereby help lower our dependence on these expensive and harmful energies. The company went public in May 1998.

The solar company concept was launched with the installation of the first photovoltaic solar energy system at a residential building in Westlake, Ohio. The success of the photovoltaic cell attracted other companies who wanted to get involved in this exciting industry. A group of visionary leaders formed the Solar City Corporation to take full advantage of the company’s management team’s vision for establishing a solar energy platform throughout the United States. In an effort to bring the technology to as many locations as possible, the group developed the Photovoltaic Wind Energy (PWE) system. This system uses windmills as energy converters and is now used in over a dozen states across the United States.

Solar City

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The solar company concept was expanded when it was discovered that the sun’s energy could be used in place of oil or gas to provide our homes with electricity. The concept was expanded even further when it was discovered that we could use the sun’s energy to heat water. Thus, we had found two ways to generate electricity and provide for our homes. One method involves using large photovoltaic panels which are installed on the roof of your home. The panels catch the sun’s rays and convert them into electricity, which you then use to power your house. The other method involves solar water heating systems which heat your household water with the heat of the sun.

This last method is much better for our environment because solar water heating does not create any pollution. By the time the sun goes down, the hot water will be hot enough to make it usable. By installing these solar panels on your property, you will be taking advantage of this passive solar energy usage. If you can figure out how to install these panels in such a way that they do not interfere with the sunlight, you will find yourself paying nothing for electricity during the daytime, and will be benefiting from solar energy during the night.

The Major Role Of The Solar City

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Although there has been a lot of talk about solar panel installations in residential homes over the last year or so, there is no better place to have them installed than in your own home. After all, if you live in a sunny climate, you have probably noticed that you don’t need to turn the air conditioning on very often in order to keep yourself comfortable. However, if you live in a rainy area, your need for air conditioning will probably be a lot greater, which means you will have to spend more money in order to cool yourself off. Solar energy is very abundant, and if you use solar energy, you will never have to worry about running out of power to cool yourself off in the middle of a thunderstorm!

These days, many homeowners are taking advantage of solar energy panels. This is because the price of these panels has dropped by as much as ninety percent over the last few years. With all the talk of global warming and how much pollution our world is producing, it seems like the planet is begging us for solutions, and the use of solar energy panels to heat our homes is just one small step we can take towards saving our planet.

The advantages of using solar panels are many, but one of the biggest is that these days, it is not necessary to pay a monthly bill in order to benefit from solar energy. If you decide that you want to get involved in solar panel installation, you simply make a few phone calls to find a reputable solar company near you. Then, you will have to schedule a consultation appointment with your chosen solar company.

Bottom Line 

The company will come out and talk to you about your home, property, and the amount of electricity and gas that you currently consume. From this information, they will then help you create an energy usage plan or the HAP. This HAP is designed to help you reduce your energy usage every month, and to teach you how to live a “greener” existence. By following this plan, you will not only drastically cut down on your energy consumption, but you will also be taking a stand against climate change, which is a good thing in and of itself. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for solar energy usage and more specifically, for people who want to create a green city.

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